WECSSAA Cross Country 2009

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Oct 28 -SWOSSAA results posted. Here is the SWOSSAA team totals click here .

Oct 25 - Official WECSSAA results are now up. Changes were made in the SB results.

Oct 24 - Here is a list of all the competitors at SWOSSAA click here .

Oct 19 - WECSSAA results are now posted however there MAY be a problem with the SB results and therefore are NOT official yet.

Oct 18 - Here are the WECSSAA entry fees for each school click here .

Oct 17 - Here is the WECSSAA information click here .

Oct 17 - Here is the SWOSSAA information click here .

Oct 17 - Here is a list of all the competitors at WECSSAA click here .

Oct 13 - Coaches there is a new Hyteck file posted. Please disregard the one posted yesterday and use this.
Oct 12 - Sorry for being late but it was a long holiday weekend.
Here is the entry info and files for WECSSAA coaches.
Instructions are here.
Hyteck file is here.
School codes are here.
The maps for WECSSAA are the same as Thrill on the Hill and can be found here.

Sept 29 - Thrill on the Hill results posted.

Sept 23 - Raider Open results posted.

Sept 13 - OFSAA info can be found by clicking here.

Sept 13 - Thrill on the Hill entry info can be found by clicking here.

Sept 13 - Thrill on the Hill maps can be found by clicking here.

Sept 13 - Canatara meet information is now posted just click here.

Sept 13 - Raider Open meet information is now posted just click here.

Local Windsor Essex County Scheduled Meets





Tuesday September 22

Raider Open

Mic Mac Park

clicking here

Tuesday September 29

University of Windsor Meet

Malden Park

clicking here

Thursday Oct 22


Malden Park

clicking here

Wednesday Oct 28


Canatara Park, Sarnia

clicking here

Saturday November 7


Boyd Conservation, Woodbridge

Not Yet