A Look Back

The following athletes have placed well enough at OFSAA to score at least one point in the overall OFSAA standings.
Year Name Category Event Place
2024 Dylan Nanson NB High Jump 4th
2019 Akot Aken SB Triple Jump 4th
2018 Lydia Abraha SG Shot Put 7th
2014 Stephanie Scane SG 400 m 8th
Stephanie Scane SG 400 m hurdles 8th
2013 Julie Radford MG Triple Jump 4th
2007 Mitchell Tome OB 2000 m steeplechase 7th
Akin Oyedele JB 100 m hurdles 8th
2006 David Weston OB 2000 m steeplechase 4th
Akin Oyedele MB 100 m hurdles 4th
Mitchell Tome OB 2000 m steeplechase 5th
2005 Ian Donald JB 100 m hurdles Gold
Nick Vukotic SB Javelin 4th
Ian Donald JB 300m hurdles 5th
2004 Ian Donald MB 100 m hurdles 6th
Nate DeBono MB 800 m 7th
Nate DeBono MB 1500 m 8th
2003 Sinisa Simic OB 2000m Steeplechase Silver
2002 Hannah Eberhard JG 800 m Gold
Sinisa Simic OB 2000 m Steeplechase 5th
2001 Michael Manka SB 400 mH Bronze
Hannah Eberhard JG 300 mH 4th
Sinisa Simic JB 300 mH 5th
2000 Hannah Eberhard MG 300 mH Bronze
Sinisa Simic, Sean LeBlanc, Michael Manka, Ian Aseltine OB 1600m relay Bronze
Michael Manka SB 400 mH 4th
1999 Sinisa Simic MB 300 mH 5th
1998 Michael Manka JB 300 mH 4th
1997 Michael Manka MB 400 m Silver
1993 Sarah Wiley SG 400 mH 4th
1990 Greg Seguin SB Javelin Silver
Justin Raharatwan MB Shot Put 4th
Sam Walls JB Discus 4th
Kari Vickers SG 800 m 4th
Tracey Swystun SG Javelin 4th
Jack Bailey JB Javelin 5th
1989 Kari Vickers JG 400 m Gold
800m Gold
Sam Walls MB Discus Silver
Bill Bailey SB Shot Put Bronze
Discus 6th
Greg Seguin JB Discus 6th
E. Schmutz, S. Wiley, S. Geddes, K. Vickers OG 1600 m relay 6th
1988 Jack Bailey MB Javelin Gold
Richard Clapp MB Javelin Silver
Vince DiMario JB Shot Put Silver
Gord Fawcett SB Javelin Bronze
Bill Bailey SB Discus Bronze
Kari Vickers JG 800 m Bronze
400 m 5th
Alex Stojanov MB Shot Put 4th
Zuki Basevski MB Discus 4th
1987 Bill Bailey JB Shot Put Gold
Greg Seguin MB Javelin Gold
Rob Fawcett MB Discus Bronze
1985 Bill Bailey MB Shot Put Gold
Keith Matlock SB Discus 4th
1984 Joanne Rothery SG Shot Put Gold
Discus 4th
Keith Matlock SB Discus Bronze
1983 Joanne Rothery JG Shot Put Gold
Discus Gold
1982 Abby Watkins MG Shot Put Gold
Discus Bronze
Joanne Rothery JG Shot Put Gold
Dave Watkins SB Discus 4th
Shot Put 5th
Ken Pearce SB Discus 6th
1981 Joanne Rothery MG Shot Put Gold
Dave Watkins JB Discus Silver
Shot Put Silver
1979 Dave Watkins MB Shot Put Silver
1976 Tom Arnott SB 400 mH Bronze
1975 Tom Arnott SB 110 mH Silver
400 mH Silver
1974 Tom Arnott JB 110 mH Gold

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