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Hi Kennedy Track and Field athletes. As the season moves on this page will be of utmost importance to you. Please check here often for important updates such as meet info or practice info. If you have any questions you can contact me at shnidei AT cogeco DOT ca (just change the AT and DOT to the appropriate symbols).


OFSAA results
Akot Aken SB TJ was 4th beating his own school record!
Rhiannon Hebert SG LJ was 19th.
Akot Aken SB LJ triple faulted.

Qualifiers to OFSAA from the West Regionals:
2nd Akot Aken SB LJ
2nd Akot Aken SB TJ
3rd Rhiannon Hebert SG LJ

Qualifiers from Day Two of SWOSSAA to the West Regional:
1st Rhiannon Hebert SG LJ
1st Akot Aken SB TJ
3rd Cole Hines SB 400mH
3rd Ler Lar Hay SB TJ
4th Akot Aken SB LJ
4th OB 4x400 relay (Cole Hines, Ler Lar Hay, Ethan Harrop, Akot Aken)

Qualifiers from Day One of SWOSSAA to the West Regional:
2nd Akot Aken SB 400m
4th Rhiannon Hebert SG HJ
5th Ardell Scott-Jackson SB 110mH 4th All Time KCI

Qualifiers from Day Three of WECSSAA to SWOSSAA:
1st SG LJ Rhiannon Hebert 2nd All Time KCI
1st SB LJ Akot Aken tied 2nd All Time KCI
3rd SG Shot Ava Mio 6th All Time KCI
3rd SB 4x400 (Ler Lar Hay, Abdullah Zafar, Cole Hines, Akot Aken)
4th MB 800m Abbas Komeiha
5th SB LJ D.J. Simonato 5th All Time KCI
6th JG Jav Emily Dwyer
8th SB LJ Ler Lar Hay 10th All Time KCI
The SB's team finished 2nd overall in the A/AA team competition

Qualifiers from Day Two of WECSSAA to SWOSSAA:
1st SB 400m Akot Aken 2nd All Time KCI
2nd SB 110mH Ardell Scott-Jackson 5th All Time KCI
3rd SB 110mH Abdullah Zafar 6th All Time KCI
3rd JG Shot Emily Dwyer 8th All Time MG/JG KCI
5th MB 400m Abbas Komeiha
6th SB 400m Cole Hines
6th SB 110mH Qeante Gaines
8th JG 400m Laura Middleton
also Mackenzie Peach SG 100mH 8th All Time KCI but did not advance to SWOSSAA
and Shadae Grenier-Powell SG Discus 10th All Time KCI but did not advance to SWOSSAA

Qualifiers from Day One of WECSSAA to SWOSSAA:
2nd SG HJ Rhiannon Hebert
2nd SB 400mH Cole Hines
3rd SB 400mH Abdullah Zafar
4th SB 4x100 (Ler Lar Hay, Akot Aken, DJ Simonato and Ardell Scott-Jackson)
6th SG Javelin Leah Leung 8th All Time KCI

Top finishers at WECSSAA Allcomers 3
1st Ardell Scott-Jackson SB 110H and Abdullah Zafar was second. Cole Hines was 1st in the SB 400mH with Abdullah Zafar third. Akot Aken was first in the SB TJ. Emily Dwyer was third in the JG Javelin. Rhiannon Hebert was first in the SG HJ.

Top finishers at The Kennedy Relays
1st Akot Aken in the OB Long Jump. Rhiannon Hebert was 2nd in the OG Long Jump. Ava Mio was 3rd in the OG Shot Put. Leah Leung moved into 9th all time KCI in the Javelin.

Top finishers at Lancer Prep Invite
1st Cole Hines SB 400b H. 1st SG HJ Rhiannon Hebert. 2nd SB 110H Abdullah Zafar 7th all time KCI. He was also 3rd in the 400H. 3rd SG LJ Rhiannon Hebert. The rest were 4th place: Laura Middleton in JG 200 and 400, Cole Hines SB 200 and Rhiannon Hebert SG TJ (a school SG record).

Top finishers at WECSSAA Allcomers 1
1st SG LJ Rhiannon Hebert. Third SG Shot Put Ava Mio 8th all time KCI. Fourth JG Shot Put Emily Dwyer 8 th all time KCI MG/JG. Fourth SB 4x100 relay (Ler Lar, Akot, DJ and Ardell). Fifth SB 400 Cole Hines. Fifth SB LJ Ler Lar Hay.

Track and Field has started. Good luck this season.

From 2018 season.
Results from Day 3 of OFSAA Abraha was 7th in the SG Shot and pb'd by 2 cm. To see here with her ribbon click here.

Akot Aken Senior Boys Triple Jump 1st at SWOSSAA destroying his one week old school record by 61cm!!
To see the jump click here. Notice Coach H's reaction on the right hand side.

Kennedy Records

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Kennedy Junior Girls

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Kennedy All Time Top 10 List

These results were obtained by examining many years of microfilm of the Windsor Star and its predecessors. In many cases only a first place time or distance was given, therefore a great time or distance might of occurred by a Kennedian but was not listed. This list is the best I could come up with (I spent 2 summers establishing this)and I would consider this to be 90% accurate. Note that many of these times were for longer distances than stated. For example the old 400m times (switched to metric distances around 1977) are actually for 440 yards which is roughly 2m longer than the 400m. I have taken all the hand times and converted them to their corresponding electric times by adding 0.24 seconds for any race 400m or less and adding 0.18 seconds for anything hand timed over 400m. Hope this gives you something to shoot for. Click here for Kennedy All Time Top 10 Page

Coaching Staff

Coach Hnidei - Distance + Steeple - Has been coaching high school track and field since 1993. He has coached 52 OFSAA qualifiers and 11 OFSAA medalists as of June 2018. He is a level 3 fully certified distance coach and has served as a Canadian National endurance coach. He has been the convenor of the Kennedy Relays since 1997 and has been involved as convenor of many high school cross country and track & field meets from allcomers, WECSSAA, SWOSSAA, Regionals and The Show. He also coached for the Windsor Legion Track and Field club for 17 years. He was the Mathematics department head at Kennedy and is now the school librarian. He is the proud father of one girl (Grade 10 Pole Vaulter) and one boy (travel everything). He has completed 4 half ironman race and one full ironman race.

Coach Giles - High Jump + Shot Put + Discus + Javelin + Hurdles - Coach Giles was a national level multi-event specialist. This is his sixteenth year coaching at Kennedy. He has coached 33 athletes to Kennedy All Time top 10 school bests in his tenure at KCI. He has one daughter, who is a Kennedy alumnus and school record holder. He has ventured into distance running himself. He is a sessional professor at the University of Windsor.

Coach Dupuis - Coach D is back for another tour of duty at KCI. He will be coaching the sprints and relays. He is presently coaching the track team (sprints) at the U of Windsor.

Coach George - Coach G is an alumnus of KCI and is 5th all time KCI in LJ and 6th all time in the 100m. This is his third year coaching at KCI. He will be coaching the horizontal jumpers. He had two of his athletes make top ten Kennedy All-Time.